Spiral Spectrum

Spiral Spectrum is a product collection of nature-based calendars. An accidental success, this product line has been in development since 2012, gaining traction through organic online sales with minimal effort. The collection is a scalable, profitable and proven project featured in Real Simple Magazine and sells direct to consumer online and wholesale to smart retailers nationwide through Pink Moon Outfitters.

Spiral Circle

Spiral Circle is a beloved bookstore and anchor institution in the Orlando community. Located in the Mills/50 District in downtown Orlando, Spiral has been serving spiritual seekers since 1976 as a gathering place welcoming people on all paths. This independent shop was founded by Beverly Ford, a pioneering woman and quiet legend who had hugs for everyone and a book in mind just for you. After Beverly’s transition, the opportunity to preserve this special place presented itself and was acquired on June 3, 2019 by Sky Mother, LLC which is a joint venture of the Summer Rodman Trust and Yestermorrow Adventures. Our founder, Julie Wilder, serves as the Operations Manager and runs Spiral Spectrum and Pink Moon Outfitters from this brick and mortar location.

Pink Moon Outfitters

Pink Moon Outfitters is a wholesale portal for stockist around the globe. It’s catalog features brands in the Yestermorrow Adventures community, led by the Spiral Spectrum initiative.


Quick Casual Restaurant Concept

Building on her decade of restaurant experience, Julie Wilder is currently laying the foundation for a scalable organic neighborhood eatery concept that incorporates Ayurvedic principles with biodynamic, organic and local ingredients for an anti-inflammatory menu that recognizes the needs of different metabolic types in menu planning and execution.


[This concept is in ideation stage.]

Imagine if Ted Talks, the Red Tent Movement, and Front Porch Radio mashed up into pop-up livestream gatherings from living rooms, front porch stoops and kitchen tables across the globe. Real people turning to one another, holding conversations for the common good & reclaiming our cultural narrative from a mass media that is manufractured in outrageous soundbites & spun way too fast. Our nation is embracing the ethos of Slow Food & Slow Money… it’s about time for Slow Media in the hands of the people.

Salons will be tied to a branded YESTORIES monthly subscription box program of coffee and tea as a focus point for hosts. Families, neighbors, and colleagues can all form a YESTORY pod around their area of interest or pick and choose amongst a variety of topics. (more…)

WildEye Inspired Creative

An in-house creative agency offering branding, marketing and design services for products, packaging, and fundraising, including basic website, app development & social media presence and strategy. A core company in Yestermorrow Adventures, built on Julie Wilder’s extensive time spent in graphic design, publishing and brand management.